Our Top 3 Tips for Eco Friendly Painting

Environmental responsibility is something Scope Painting takes very seriously, and we go to great lengths to provide environmentally safe services to all of its customers and our greater community.

The Resene Eco Decorator programme was designed to recognise environmentally responsible and quality focused painting contractors, and Scope Painting is proudly ranked as a leading environmentally sustainable business as reflected by our place as one of the highest scoring certified Resene Eco Decorators.

Resene offer’s an environmental choice for almost all painting situations, covering a comprehensive range of waterborne primers, undercoats, topcoats, pigmented and clear coatings, mastics and specialised waterproofing and textured coatings.

As well as environmentally friendly paint, manufacturers are now also producing eco alternatives to paint strippers, wallpapers, adhesives and even eco-friendly paint brushes and tools which are constructed from bamboo, all of which are beneficial to the planet, the health of our decorators and the health of our customers.

When choosing a certified Resene eco-decorator you are backed by the Resene Eco Decorator 4 point guarantee;


  • Project specific and generally stipulated at time of quotation
  • Minimum of two years
  • Reinforced by structured project/client sign-off process


  • Resene premium quality product
  • Environmental Choice certified products since 1996
  • Durability of paint finishes chart incorporated into guarantee


  • Certified Resene Eco.Decorator
  • Audited by Resene as following sustainable work practices code
  • Waste management including Resene WashWise and Resene PaintWise

Competitive Pricing

  • Robust tendering process
  • Clear concise quotations
  • Quality guarantees

You can find out more online at Resene Eco Decorator